IWPS 2012 Training will be held November 24th – December 1

in Cancela, Portugul.

The comprehensive training will be led by experienced IWPS volunteers and will give you the best possible preparation for working, as an international, in Palestine. Using interactive seminars, discussions, and role plays we will share knowledge about IWPS and the ways that we use non-violent intervention, as well as the legal aspects of working for us. We will focus on helping you to be ready for the challenges of working with conflict and will provide you with key skills such as how to document and report Human Rights abuses.

Accommodations and meals are provided during the training. Trainees will be housed together in a comfortable setting that will afford an efficient learning environment.
IWPS trainers volunteer their time and IWPS makes every effort to keep other costs such as venue and meals to a minimum while providing a comfortable environment to trainees.
The cost of training is calculated on a sliding scale basis of 100-180 Euros. Applicants who must spend more than 500 euros on travel expense can apply for subsidy.
Expenses will be discussed in detail with applicants individually once they have successfully completed the application process.

Here is what other volunteers have shared about their experience with IWPS Training

My experiences with the IWPS training:

At first I didn’t know what to expect. I was wondering what exactly would take a whole week to teach us? I was hoping that the women wouldn’t be too feminist, but down to earth with a healthy sense of humanity and femininity. There were so many questions that I wasn’t even aware of having before the training. Now, looking back I can simply say that it was very well structured and thought through from A-Z.

What amazed me most was the fact that the way the coaches approached us and treated us was overwhelming. From the very beginning everybody was included into the process. Our opinions were asked, our thoughts and feelings needed to be expressed and that was and that should not be taken for granted. I felt pretty much as part of the team from the very start, which was a little scary, but only because I didn’t give myself enough credit as a full-valued team-member. We buddied up within this short period of time which is so important for your experiences on site – at least to me it was. After having been to Palestine I must say that each subject – that I was confronted with – was pretty much covered and now thinking back I’d have even liked the training to be extended by a few days.

So big thanks to IWPS and I can only recommend to take the training serious and get the best out of it, you’ll need it, once you are on site.

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