International Human Rights Volunteers Needed in Palestine

IWPS is currently inviting applications from women who would like to join our team.



  • Support Palestinians in their non-violent resistance to the Israeli military occupation and construction of the apartheid wall throughout the occupied West Bank;

  • Provide accompaniment to Palestinian civilians (including farmers during the annual olive harvest);

  • Document and non-violently intervene in human rights abuses;

  • Work to raise awareness of Palestinian issues in our home countries.

IWPS is run entirely by volunteers committed to peace and justice.


We are looking for women with good knowledge of the situation in Palestine who are fully supportive of IWPS’ aims and values. Preferably you are already involved in Palestine solidarity work in your home country and/or have some experience as a social justice / human rights / peace activist using non-violent direct action methods. You should be willing and able to work and live closely with women of all ages and backgrounds in fairly basic accommodation. It is also important that you are open-minded and flexible with a can-do attitude.

Solidarity work often means long and unpredictable days in the field, followed by writing up reports. This makes it even more important to also maintain a happy house as a base, so everyone is expected to help out with daily tasks such as cooking, cleaning and food shopping. It can be stressful to be on the ground and the daily team meetings are opportunities (often over a lovely home cooked dinner)to make sure that any concerns can be addressed and work is divided up equally. Therefore you should be prepared to share your thoughts with the house team and participate in decision making and in resolving any issues.

Volunteers  can apply to work with us in Palestine for a minimum period of 4 weeks. During the olive harvest (October/November), we are more flexible and will accept a2 week stay. However, to get the most out of the experience and to get a good understanding of the work we do, we strongly recommend at least 4 weeks. Volunteers are essential to the running of IWPS in Palestine, and get a good introduction to our organisation and gain valuable on the ground experience for their Palestine solidarity work back home. Volunteers pay a daily rate of NIS 70/day to cover expenses.

Solidarity from home. We recognize that there are many people involved in Palestine solidarity work who are not able or do not wish to go to Palestine. There are many ways you can get involved with IWPS in your home country. We are in need of more volunteers to give organisational support with administration, fundraising, recruitment, social media work,website development and more. If you have skills to offer that could benefit IWPS please get in touch with us as we would very much welcome your support.

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you!


IWPS Website: www.iwps.info

Volunteer application form: http://iwps.info/volunteer/

For inquries: applyiwps@gmail.com