Yasouf // ياسوف‎


Yasouf is a small village whose lands have been stolen by the Israeli occupation to build and then expand the illegal Israeli colony of Tapuah and the military compounds at Zatara checkpoint, on the main Nablus-Ramallah road. The village also suffers from Israeli settler-colonist attacks, especially during the olive harvest.



13 October 2014 Fanatical settlers from the illegal Tapuah settlement injure Yasouf couple
20 May 2014 Wild pigs running wild and land confiscation in Yasouf
17 April 2014 On a visit to Iskaka
8 May 2013 Roads closed due to illegal settler demo


Yasouf village terrorised by Tapuah illegal settlers (November 2011)
“In Hebrew, I am told, ‘Tapuah’ means an ‘apple’, a benign name for the place which has been creating so much misery. The settlement is built on Yasouf land just above the massive junction which colonisers call Tapuah Junction and Palestinians Zatara.”


Illegal Tapauch settlement seen at the top f the hill is a constant thereat to the Palestinians living in  Yasouf village.

The settler outpost near the crime scene

Ala's ankle was injured by a metal bar


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