Wadi Qana // وادي قانا


Wadi Qana (Valley of Qana, or Canal) is a beautiful valley located south of Nablus and northeast of Salfit. Palestinian families have been living in the area and farming the land for thousands of years.

Wadi Qana’s first illegal Israeli settler colony of Karne Shomron established itself in 1976. Today at least 10 of them are surrounding the Wadi from all sides, having pushed its original inhabitants out and making life extremely difficult to the farmers who still work the land. Moreover, after a failed attempt in 1979 to declare Wadi Qana a “closed military zone”, in 1983 the Israeli occupation regime announced it an Israeli Nature Reserve. This means that Palestinian farmers are threatened with fines and arrest if they work their land, while colonists are allowed to destroy it with their sewage.

The main threats to Wadi Qana take 4 directions: 1) Water – Since the establishment of the first illegal Israeli colony the occupation has been stealing water from Palestinian farmers and diverting it to the colonies; 2) Pollution – Settler sewage mixed with chemicals is poisoning the soil and everything that depends on it; 3) Uprooting olive trees – In 2014 alone some 1,000 trees were uprooted under the pretext that they were ‘too young'; 4) Settler violence – colonists armed with M-16 assault rifles are a common sight in the Wadi.


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9 June 2014

5 May 2014 Occupation Spits Sewage Onto the Olive Tree (report & video)
2 May 2014 Colonist Sewage Leak Discovered in Wadi Qana (report & video)
20 April 2014 And They Don’t Ask… Wadi Qana Poetry


Wadi Qana Case Study (January 2013)
“There is an olive tree on my land that is between 2,000 and 3,000 years old.”

Two Thousand Olive Trees Under Threat – April 2012  (April 2012)
“Israeli officers left written orders in the lands of 3 farmers informing them that they have to ‘evacuate’ the lands (used the word ‘evacuate’ instead of ‘uprooting’) from any planted olive tree.”

Urgent Action for Wadi Qana (April 2012)
“Israel claims that olive trees must be uprooted for a nature reserve, but the move is about controlling the land and destroying the Palestinian economy.”


Settler sewage.

Settler sewage.

Wadi Qana eviction order.

After the eviction order, Palestinians gather to pray and protest.

Armed settlers in the Wadi.


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