Kufr Qaddum // كفر قدّوم


Kufr Qaddum is located in the Qalqilya Governorate in northern West Bank. The town of approximately 4,000 people has been heavily affected by the nearby illegal colony of Qedumim. Though the village lands are approximately 24,000 dunams, 11,000 dunams are located in Area C (under Israeli control) and are thus completely inaccessible to the residents of Kufr Qaddum; 4,000 dunams have been stolen for the establishment and expansion of Qedumim.

In 2003 during the Second Intifada, the main road of the village was closed by the Israeli army and has remained closed until the present. Residents are forced to travel longer routes to bypass the closure; travel to the neighbouring town of Jit has increased from 1.5 km to nearly 15 km and the distance to Nablus has doubled from 13 km to 26 km. Residents reported 3 deaths between 2004-2006 due to the inability to reach the nearest hospitals in Nablus.

Residents of Kufr Qaddum have held regular Friday demonstrations since 2011.


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20 October 2014 Kufr Qaddum demo 17 October ’14
4 October 2014 Kufr Qaddum demo 03 October ’14
28 September 2014 Kufr Qaddum demo 26 September ’14
3 May 2014 Kufr Qaddum – Day of Revolution
11 April 2014 Wedding day turns to a demo in Kufr Qaddum
1 June 2013 10-year-old detained at a demo in Kufr Qaddum
31 May 2013 Violent repression of weekly demo in Kufr Qaddum
18 May 2013 Collective punishment in Kufr Qaddum
19 April 2013 My notes: Demo in Kufr Qaddum
3 May 2013 Youth chase away soldiers attacking their village
26 April 2013 Residents hospitalised due to tear gas
5 November 2012 Volunteers’ experiences: The olive harvest



P1020709 Kufr Qaddoum article 4Oct'14 paldemo4 paldemo3 paldemo2 paldemo1 paldemo

Smoking out the Settlers

Bulldozer entering the village

Israeli military in Kufr Qaddum


Marching to the demo

Shebaab vs. Bulldozer

Shebab and Horse IOF attacks Kufr Qaddum Israeli tear gas set olive trees on fire Children collect the Israeli army's arsenal used against unarmed civilians

Protesters Having Much More Fun than the Army

Villagers resist army attacks

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