Kifl Haris // كفل حارس


25 km south of Nablus, north of Salfit and Ramallah. Kifl Haris was a Canaanite village thousands of years ago and used to be called Tamnit Haris and before that Tamnit Sara – which means “a piece of the sun”. 80% of the land is used to grow olives. All the family names of the village have an ancient heritage and descend from the prophets Abraham and Ishmael who belong to all the three religions.


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30 May 2013 Insult and injury from the Ariel finger
1 May 2013 Municipality warns of settlers attacking the mosque


Village Profile Kifl Haris (2004)
““If I could fly from Kifl Hares, I would reach England before I reached Nablus, 25 km away,” says Fathi Hussein Bouzia, head of the local municipality.”

Kifl Haris under settler attack  (June 2012)
“Over the course of a few hours, the mingling about consisted of a number of Settler boys barking at us; asking where we are from, condemning us for our Christian beliefs, and making it clear that we were not welcome there – that we were inferior in their eyes.”

Kifl Haris Village Update (2012?)
“On a number of occasions, the IOF came into the village and made the inhabitants leave. They then used dynamite to destroy some of the most ancient structures, presumably to wipe out the Palestinian claim to their roots and longevity in the village. The ancient Olive Press was one such structure that was eliminated.”


Large military vehicles invade the narrow street of the village.

The mob.

Praying at the tomb with his machine gun.

The remains of a destroyed olive press

Zionists believe this is the tomb of the prophet Joshua

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