Kufr ad-Dik // كفر الديك


Neighbouring the village of Bruqin, Kufr ad-Dik has suffered from the same problems as its counterpart – namely, illegal settler sewage, land theft for Israeli colony expansion, and Israeli army attacks on unarmed civilians.


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New weekly demo at Kufr ad-Dik (30 December 2011)
“The settlers and Israeli government are doing everything they can to make the people of Kafr ad Dik suffer – with the ultimate intent of driving them from their land.”

Village Visit Kufr ad-Dik
“He also raised concern about the Israeli Government’s plans to connect Ariel to Tel Aviv with a railway, a plan which would result in the theft of even more Palestinian land and would encourage more Israelis to move to the settlements. “For the Palestinians here, their income comes from the olive trees, from the land. How will people live without the land?””


The settler bulldozer is finally leaving at around 3pm, having been ready to work the land in violation of every law there is since 9am.

More than 15 Israeli soldiers and several jeeps were present this morning to protect settler bulldozers, also receiving back-up from the Israeli border police.

Getting ready to move rocks to make way for a new illegal Israeli outpost that would later become a town-sized illegal Jewish colony on land confiscated from its Palestinian owners by force.

Palestinian land bulldozed by the occupation this morning in Kufr ad-Dik.

Border police arrived at around 2pm as back-up for the 15-20 Israeli soldiers already present, against a handful of unarmed Palestinian civilians.

These two illegal Israeli settler colonists, together with their double-armed associate, intended to bulldoze Palestinian land this morning in Kufr ad-Dik and claim it as theirs.

This is how the Zionist colonial project in occupied Palestine is implemented: one of the world's mightiest armies protects illegal Israeli settler colonists in their crimes. In the background - colony of Bruchin, which the Israeli Supreme Court declared illegal in 2002. It's still here today.

One of the illegal Israeli colonists present, armed not with one but with two lethal weapons.

The DCO officer (on the right) told Palestinian land owners that their documents were invalid. "I am the law," he added.

The army protecting the illegal actions of the illegal Israeli settler colonists.

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