Izbeit at Tabib // عزبة الطبيب


Izbeit At-Tabib is a small village situated on top of a stunning hill, 7 km east of Qalqiliya City. It is located beside the ancient road between Qalqiliya and Nablus. Izbeit at-Tabib is home to some 300 people who live in about 40 houses. Most of the villagers are farmers or shepherds. The Wall isolates half of their lands, destroying their livelihoods from farming to animal breeding. The people are also barred from finding alternative sources of employment, as the isolation imposed on them by the Occupation prevents them from access to work places on either side of the Green Line. (Stop the Wall)



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Village visit Izbeit at-Tabib (September 2012)
“Izbeit at-Tabib built a school and clinic two years ago and on the 3rd September a demolition order was served on the building.”

Update Izbeit at-Tabib (May 2011)
“After seeing to the injured and detained, activists attempted to move into the village via the main road but were stopped by the IOF. When asked why they were not allowed to enter the soldiers replied they did not know.”

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