Hares // حارس


Hares is one of the Palestinian villages in the Ariel finger area whose lands have been stolen for illegal Israeli Jewish-only colony expansion. It is surrounded from one side by Road 5, which connects the illegal colony of Ariel with Tel Aviv, and on the other by a road leading to the illegal colonies of Revava, Yakir, and others in the Wadi Qana area. Army attacks are very common in the village.


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13 February 2015 A call-out for solidarity with the Hares Boys for Sunday 15th March
2 June 2014 Hares Boys, growing up in occupation prison
6 April 2014 IWPS Update Spring 2014
13 March 2014 Hares Boys: One Year in Prison (press release)
31 July 2013 Hares Boys Campaign
30 May 2013 Insult and Injury from the ‘Ariel Finger’
1 May 2013 Municipality Warns of Settlers Attacking the Mosque
27 March 2013 Press Release Regarding Children Arrested in Hares and Kifl Hares (press release)


Palestinians Strongly Resist Home Demolitions (9 November 2012)
“What possible threat are their homes to the State of Israel? I’s not about security, it’s theft and dispossession and ethnic cleansing, because the ultimate goal is to have the land without the people.”

Follow-Up on House Demolition Orders (22 November 2011)
“Before starting to build, families all sought permission and never received it. There is no room at all left for new buildings in the part of Hares which falls in Area B.”


Settlers break the branch of a fig tree and throw it in the street.

Large military vehicles invade the narrow street of the village.

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