Bruqin // إبروقين‎


A village in the Salfit region, 10 km East of the Green Line, now 9 km east of encroaching Israeli wall, and only 8 km from now declared closed Israeli military zone, area C (under Israeli control). String of illegal Israeli colonial settlements, stretching in arc from south-west to north-east. The planned route of the wall will cut an enormous (finger) swathe reaching 24 km into the West Bank. The village is suffering from Israeli colonists’ sewage that damages the land, poisons water and the land, and poses great danger to the health of the indigenous population. Due to severe land and water pollution, cancer rates, especially among children, are much higher in Bruqin than average.


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06 October 2015 Villages of Palestine’s Heartland

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6 April 2014 IWPS Update Spring 2014
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Bruqin Village Update 2012 (June/September 2012)
“They steal our lands, cut down our trees, deprive us of water underground – our right from God – and sell the water to us. Where is the justice here? They drain the polluted water from the Burqan industries and the sewage water from the settlements into the village orchards, vegetable crops and the village wells.” 

Settler attack in Bruqin – mosque, car and bulldozer burned (7 December 2011?)
“The sight of the main village mosque (Majid Ali Ibn Abu Talib) was even more shocking, the burnt shoe cabinets had charred the stairs black and the metal mosque doors were also visibly fire damaged. To the right of the door there was a spray painted inscription in Hebrew which the mosque keeper told us said ‘The hero of Ariel’.”


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