IWPS human rights work in occupied Palestine is rooted in villages, mainly in the Salfit district.

Palestinian villages that IWPS works alongside the non-violent Popular Resistance to the illegal Israeli occupation (click on the map to enlarge; map courtesy of OCHA):

Salfit-OCHA map

Cartographic representation of Palestinian villages is crucial in understanding the various and often horrendous ways the occupation tries to delete them from the maps as well as reality.

To give readers a better idea of their actual location, on this website we use Google Maps. However, it is important to point out that unlike the UN-produced OCHA maps of occupied Palestine (above), which clearly distinguish between Palestinian villages and Israeli settler colonies in the West Bank (that are all illegal under international law), Google does not clearly state this fact on its maps.

Additionally, on Google maps Palestinian villages and even cities have one street marked, if at all, while all illegal Israeli settler colonies, nevermind their size, are clearly marked and routed. Such imbalanced marking suggests that the colonies (which are only decades old) are legitimate, while ancient Palestinian villages that have continuously hosted generations of the indigenous population appear to be out of sight.

We condemn such policy of complacency and ask our readers to have it in mind while discovering Palestine on Google Maps. We chose to use their services mainly for users’ convenience but will replace them as soon as we find a better online option.

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