IWPS LOGOWho we are:

The International Women’s Peace Service (IWPS) is a team of human rights volunteers, based in the village of Deir Istiya, Salfit district, occupied Palestine. We provide international accompaniment to Palestinian civilians, document and non-violently intervene in human right abuses and support acts of non-violent resistance to end the illegal Israeli occupation and building of the apartheid wall.

IWPS is the only all-women international peace team working in the Occupied West Bank and we are the only international peace team working in Salfit district, a rural area close to Nablus. Salfit district, as well as the nearby Nablus and Qalqilya districts, are affected by more than 20 illegal Israeli settler colonies, located in the Ariel settlement bloc.

IWPS responds non-violently, through intervention and documentation, to violence perpetuated by illegal Israeli settlers and the Israeli military on unarmed Palestinian civilians.

IWPS is run entirely by volunteers and 100% of donations received directly supports our work in Palestine.

IWPS-Palestine supports Palestinian and Israeli anti-occupation groups in their grassroots resistance to end the brutal and illegal military Occupation.

IWPS opposes all forms of racism, including anti-Semitism and Islamophobia.

For more information please see:
IWPS Mission Statement, Values, Objectives, and Non-Violence Policy.

What we do:

IWPS-Palestine trains and supports an international team of women to work in occupied Palestine.

  • Nonviolently intervene in human rights abuses;
  • Engage in nonviolent civil resistance to oppose human rights abuses and the confiscation and destruction of land and property of Palestinian civilians;
  • Provide supportive accompaniment for Palestinian civilians, including farmers;
  • Support Palestinian and Israeli peace movements in their civil resistance to end the occupation;
  • Provide written and photographic documentation of human rights abuses occurring primarily (although not exclusively) in Salfit district and forward these to human rights lawyers and organizations;
  • Work with independent media to promote and facilitate the dissemination of information.

Where we are based:

(the light green circle with an arrow indicates Deir Istiya, the village that kindly hosts us)

OCHA West Bank

To join us in Palestine or in your own country please visit: Volunteer with IWPS

IWPS retains its independence from any political force. We are 100% funded by individuals across the globe and 100% of all donations directly support our human rights work in Palestine. To assist IWPS financially please DONATE. Thank you.