Kufr Qaddum: A Friday Photo Essay

Kufr Qaddum: A Friday Photo Essay

Please note that these are pictures and write up from Oct 3 2015 Demonstration in Kufr Qaddum:

Some of these photos and the write up was posted to our facebook page but didn’t make it onto  our website. Please visit us on facebook or twitter for up to date information on clashes in the West Bank.

On October 3 2015, three men were shot in the legs by live ammunition during the regular Kufr Qaddum Friday protest against the blockade of the main village road by the nearby illegal Qedumim settlement. The first two victims of the Israeli army violence were a journalist reporting for an Italian news agency and an elderly man who were both just standing in the gathered crowd. Two shots were heard and each of them hit a person, which indicates the army aimed at people rather than attempting to scare and disperse the crowd.
The third young man ( pictured) was shot twice in the upper leg and in the hand. The first two men were rushed away by a Red Crescent ambulance while the third injured received immediate treatment in the local health facility in the central mosque. Local people and international activists present at the demo talked about the increased violence used by the Israeli Occupation Forces, leading to bullet injuries of numerous people becoming commonplace at every demonstration. Last Friday a young girl aged 5 was shot in the head by the rubber coated steel bullet.