Illegal Settlers make Rampage Thru Palestinian Villages

Illegal Settlers make Rampage Thru Palestinian Villages

Illegal settlers attack Kafr ad Dik village on Thursday 1 October 2015 Settlers living in illegal settlements in the West Bank, Occupied Palestine territories, continued yesterday (Friday) their revenge rampages across the West Bank, following the shooting of a settler couple on the road between the settlements Itamar and Elon Moreh, close to Nablus.

Kafr ad Dik village is one of many villages that was attacked in retaliation for the killing of the couple. The attack took place around 11pm on Thursday when about 200 stone-throwing illegal settlers entered the village, some in their cars and some on foot, It is assumed they were from the nearby fundamentalist Paduel settlement. Salfit-OCHA map

The settlers first attacked an isolated Palestinian home at the entrance of the village and attempted to force their way into the village. The family, while their house was being attacked, alerted the other villagers, who set up barriers and lit fires on the main road to prevent settlers from entering the village.

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Soon after, four army jeeps with dozens of soldiers arrived from village of Bruqin direction and stopped between the two villages firing light flashing bombs and tear gas. The soldiers entered houses lining the main road ordering the residents to clear the obstacles blocking the road. Clashes with the local youth ensued and the army withdrew at 2am.

Kafr ad Dik villagers told us that they were surprised that the occupying army did their best to prevent settlers from attacking the villagers and causing damage. Usually in similar occasions the soldiers would do very little and would in fact facilitate the settler attacks by protecting them. Villagers we spoke to thought that the soldiers feared escalation of violence due to the determined response by the villagers, which they might not have been able to control.

We were told that the road that connects numerous settlements between Kafr ad Dik and Deir Ballut, a village near the Green Line, was closed all day on Friday in order to prevent the settlers approaching Kafr ad Dik again. Fortunately, the family living in the house that was initially attacked escaped injuries and no property was damaged. They were prepared because of the frequent settler attack in the past and they installed metal doors and window shutters, which saved them from the settlers’ cowardly and reckless attack.