Palestinians plan mass protest in Wadi Qana this Friday as Israeli forces plan to take over the area and uproot over 200 olive trees.

Palestinians will be converging en mass in Wadi Qana on Friday morning to protest the Israeli Civil Administration’s (an arm of the Israeli government) plan to take over the area as they do every year on the 20th. Last year they uprooted over 1,000 trees. Once they clear the area of the Palestinian land owners, settlers come and celebrate holiday whilst under the protection of Israeli forces.

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This year, notices went out (photo and translation below) to farmers with olive trees on their land in Wadi Qana (olive trees are crucial to the Palestinian economy- 60 percent of Palestinians are farmers and make a living on the land; olive oil in particular) telling them they are to uproot their OWN trees or they are subject to fine and/or arrest.

Palestinians from all surrounding villages will be bused in to stand in resistance to this outrageous (albeit par for the course) Israeli incursion on their rights, their land and their livelihoods. PLEASE SHARE: In a meeting with the mayor this morning, (a woman with a son and nephew currently in Israeli administrative detention) she called for international solidarity to spread the story via social media.



From the Civil Administration of Yehuda and Samara (Wadi Qana)
Rules to control ‘protected natural resources’
Within my power as administrator for this natural protected area and gardens in ‘Yehuda and Samara,’ I command you to leave this area because you are staying in it illegally.

In addition, you have to empty this area and take with you all that you have brought here. You are here without permission from the Israeli government. This area has now gone back to its original owners from the past.

(In this part, they name the farmer and the number of trees they are to uproot.)

If you don’t follow these orders as stated, you will be imprisoned, tried and fined, based upon Israeli discretion.