Last evening’s panel in Nablus in advance of child prisoner conference in Cesena, Italy.

Nearly two dozen gather at Tanweer Center in Nablus in advance of tomorrow’s conference in Cesena, Italy addressing child prisoners in Israeli detention:

The conference, ‘Evening for Palestine: Palestinian political prisoners and children incarcerated in Israeli jails,’ will take place today, March 17th,  in Italy and panel speakers from the Tanweer Center will join in via skype.

Speaking on the panel this afternoon; Um Fadi, mother of Ali Shamlawi, one of the Hares boys who was kidnapped in March of 2013 when he was 16 years old. Yesterday marked the two year anniversary of her son’s, and the other four boys from the village of Hares’, imprisonment.

Um Fadi has been campaigning tirelessly for her son’s release.

Also speaking was Dr. Yousef al-Haq, an economics professor, writer and intellectual. A couple of weeks ago he was released from Israeli occupation jail where he spent the last seven months under the so-called administrative detention; an illegal yet very common practice whereby a person is incarcerated without charge under ‘secret evidence’ that is never revealed to either the accused nor to their lawyer.

Administrative detention orders can be issued to anyone the Zionist entity does not like; they can be prolonged indefinitely. Some people have spent up to ten years under AD without ever being told why years of their lives have been stolen from them.

Finally, Hasan Shbeita, employee in the municipality of Azzun town (Qalqiliya district) and local social activist stood to speak to his work with the town’s schools and local committees to improve the environment of education, as well as other social projects for the benefit of the people of Azzun.

He is also very involved with helping children who have been kidnapped and incarcerated by arranging sessions for them with a psychologist and documenting their stories.

Um Saddam, mother of Mohammed Suleiman, one of the Hares boys, was present but did not address the room.

Speeches from today will be made into a video that will be broadcast to the Italian audiences tomorrow; afterwords there will be a Q&A.

Conference flyer on Child Prisoners