On New Year's Day Occupation Kidnaps Boy Giving Out Flowers

On New Year’s Day Occupation Kidnaps Boy Giving Out Flowers

On the first day of the year 2015 Israeli occupation beat and kidnapped an 18-year-old from Nablus city in broad daylight. The teen had been giving out red roses to Palestinian drivers at Huwara checkpoint.

Giving out flowers to Palestinian drivers to mark the New Year – 2015 without the occupation! – and being kidnapped less than an hour later.

Several soldiers attack the teen, push him down to the ground, and beat him before locking him up in their military jeep and driving off.

A group of Nablus-based Palestinian activists gathered at Huwara checkpoint at around midday today, to mark the beginning of the new year with banners that said, “2015: No occupation! No checkpoints! No Apartheid Wall!” Two Santa Clauses had only started giving out red roses to drivers when a bunch of Israeli occupation soldiers appeared and started harassing the people.

They also took over traffic management although nobody had asked them to and either way the traffic was running fine without such unwanted intervention by the occupation.

Some half an hour later the Palestinian group turned back to return to Nablus. They were however followed by a bunch of Israeli occupation soldiers and a military jeep. Although it is illegal for Israeli citizens – and occupation soldiers are Israeli citizens – to enter Nablus, which is Area A (in theory and on paper, under full Palestinian security control), the Israeli occupation has never bothered with such unimportant matters as law, even its own law.

Soldiers followed the group to a nearby hill between local shops and houses and caught the 18-year-old who had been giving out roses not long before. They pushed him to the ground, beat him, locked him up in a military jeep and drove off, presumably to the nearby illegal Israeli military base for interrogation.

The kidnap was accompanied by several sound grenades generously thrown at unarmed civilians and the media, courtesy of Israeli occupation.

Soldiers also made a point to insult members of the press, pushing them away, shouting at them to “get away” and announcing that “I don’t care if you are media”.

Happy New Year, Israeli-style.

We hope for the teen’s swift return and that Israeli soldiers did not beat him more.

Soldiers at Huwara checkpoint getting ready to attack people.

The military jeep sped and overtook the group of activists that had tried to get back to Nablus.

The kidnapped teen right before Israeli occupation soldiers slammed the door of the jeep and drove off, having beaten the teen and refusing to explain their own actions to the media.