Current Situation in Salfeet and the Salfeet Governorate

Overview from PMRS (Palestine Medical Relief Society)

photo salfeet

PMRS spokespeople reported that generally there is an ongoing harassment of the inhabitants of the Salfeet Goveronate from settlers and the IOF (the Israeli occupation army). This was intensified during the recent attacks on Gaza (Operation Protective Edge) and Ramadan.

Specific incidents:

  1. Last week 5 new caravans were installed in the outpost of the Brukhin settlement.
  2. New factories are being built in Barqan and all settlements in the area continue to expand.
  3. Settlers attacked one house in Kufr ad-Dik late at night, frightening the family; other villagers arrived to support them and the army came and started to fire tear gas. This was so bad that everybody had to leave the house, a 3-month-old baby suffered from inhalation.
  4. 1,000 donums of Kufr ad-Dik land was taken to build a new illegal settlement Thaher Sobah.
  5. On the 26th August, 3 settlers from the settlement of Halamish, next to Nabi Saleh, terrorised the inhabitants of Salfeet, Farka and Bruqin by marching around with M16s. These are large rifles normally used by the US Army in combat.
  6. The Salfeet Hamas MP Abed Alrazeq and 3 others were arrested and are still in prison.
  7. The few Bedouin families that live in the hills are frequently asked to leave the area by the army; no alternative location is offered to them.
  8. On the 19th of October the Israeli army came into Salfeet shooting teargas and sound bombs. They targeted the university, schools and marketplace. They came to the school at 10.30 a.m. and frightened the children during the break with the teargas and sound bombs. The army came again after midnight and repeated this action throughout the town.

PMRS Projects


The Ministry of Health has problems in providing a comprehensive health service in the West Bank. PMRS, a Palestinian NGO, has established medical centres that are essential for healthcare provision, especially in remote areas.

Usually PMRS projects are dependent on international donations. Locals give when they can and this was especially so during the last attacks on Gaza.

  1. Gaza – there are now 14 PMRS medics and ambulances working with the injured and sick people
  2. The society has established a Mobile Clinic financed by, Medicine San Frontieres which operates in Salfeet villages. This greatly improves the villager’s access to health care as mostly there are no permanent doctors in their area. The Mobile Clinic employs 3 doctors and has a laboratory on board to aid diagnosis testing. The operation is also dependent on volunteers.
  3. First Aid Teams – 4 teams, consisting of 70 men and women in different villages, have been trained for minor injuries.

PMRS are running an enhanced programme for the empowerment of women which is funded by Care International, the EU and Austrian government. The groups are located as follows:

In the West Bank, 30 groups with 700 members;
In Gaza, 4 groups;
In Salfeet goveronate, 100 members.

The programme agenda is: Women’s rights; environment; health including nutrition, childcare.

MARDA Women’s Group Initiative

The women have decided to improve their overall health and fitness by establishing a gym. This will start in November. They have decided to improve the village environment by organising rubbish cleaning teams. They hold workshops for women in the village around health, childcare, caring for old people.