Recycling Project in Deir Istiya

There is a massive problem with disposing of waste and the West Bank which is visible on the streets – mounds of plastic bottles, litter etc. The facility will replace the current landfill and waste burning praxis and will be better for the environment and provide energy for the localities heating needs. This will increase independence from relying on the electricity supply from Israel. It is also cheaper than the Palestine Authority’s idea of using Jenins landfill facility.

The Mayor of Deir Itsiya together with a Palestinian businessman, owner of Adik Energy, hopes to establish a recycling plant that will serve the whole of the Salfeet Goveronate. The waste would be collected from the whole of Salfeet and will encourage recycling. To fund this, the German company Hansa MIT, Hamburg will invest in the project. The Mayor Palestinian officials visited Germany to see how the recycling process works including electricity generation, biogas processing and heat production. A working plan for the project will be finalised this November. The ground for the new factory is being prepared this October. The completion date is planned for March 2017.

The proposed location for the plant is in Area B in the Jameen mountain area, Salfeet will donate 5 donums and 45 donums will be bought by the company.

It will be a pioneer project and unique in the Middle East. It will give employment for 30-40 local people.

The total cost will be 21 million Euros. After 20 year the loan would be repaid and the factory owned by the Salfeet Goveronate.