Kufr Qaddum demo 17 October ’14

After mid day prayers around 100 villagers from Kufr Qaddum and internationals started the weekly demonstration.

The march went far out of the village with flags and speeches.

Before the demonstration, some farmers who were picking near to Qedumim settlement were ordered away by the army to douse the burning tyres; this action is done regularly by the protesters to annoy the settlers.

The march stopped in front of the army who attacked with teargas, rubber coated metal bullets, skunk water and a bulldozer. The bulldozer was being used to remove the barricades erected in the road to prevent the army coming into the village. Some teargas canisters were an old type used in the first Intifada, which bounce on the ground in a random manner and include more toxic materials. This makes it more difficult to avoid being hit and being gassed.

Two people were injured by the army. One had been hit by a teargas canister.

Palestinians continue to resist and go on protesting against the occupation. The Israeli army is putting the Palestinians under massive repression and violates International Humanitarian Law.

Yotam Feldman directed a documentary, The Lab, which investigates the Israeli arms trade and weapon testing on the Palestinian population.