Waleed, 14 and kidnapped by the Israeli army twice already - 'Azzun

Waleed, 14 and kidnapped by the Israeli army twice already – ‘Azzun

Waleed is a 14-year-old boy from the village of ‘Azzun (Qalqiliya district). He was recently released from Megiddo Israeli occupation prison where he was incarcerated for 3 months after being kidnapped from his home.

That was the second time Israeli soldiers kidnapped Waleed. The first time was early this year, when the boy was picking herbs in a field. They detained him for the whole afternoon, made him kneel on the cold ground, threatened him, and in the end put an unexploded sound grenade underneath his T-shirt and ordered him to run back and forth. As the soldiers watched the scene, they were laughing.

Situated on a busy road used by illegal Israeli settler colonists from the nearby colonies of Male Shomeron and Shave Shomeron, ‘Azzun is a common target for Israeli occupation army which stations military jeeps at its entrance on a daily basis and stalls traffic in and out of the village as it pleases. Night raids during which young people of the village, as well as children, are kidnapped, are very common. Since IWPS last report from ‘Azzun in May 2014, the situation hasn’t changed to the better.

Currently Israel keeps around 200 Palestinian children in its occupation prisons. Many of them are from ‘Azzun.

Here is Waleed’s account of what was done to him:

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