Two Martyrs, Hundreds Injured by Live Ammo in West Bank Protests for Gaza

Two Martyrs, Hundreds Injured by Live Ammo in West Bank Protests for Gaza

Friday 1st August witnessed the martyrdom of two young men – Tamer Samour, 22 years old, from Tulkarem, and Odai Nafez Jaber, a 19-year-old who died from his wounds in the village of Saffa, near Ramallah. They were both killed by Israeli soldiers who were shooting live ammunition at unarmed civilians during protests against Israel’s genocidal war on Gaza. Hundreds more were injured, both by live ammunition and steel rubber-coated bullets.

For Gaza, people were protesting in various West Bank cities and villages, including Bethlehem, Al-Khalil [Hebron], Qalandiya, and al-Ram.

In Ofer – an Israeli military prison compound in Ramallah – dozens of local youth confronted the occupation army with slingshots. Seven were injured by live ammunition shot when there was no immediate danger to the soldiers’ lives; 12 got injuries from steel rubber-coated bullets; many people suffered from tear gas inhalation.

The protest at Ofer started after the midday prayer on the main road leading to the military compound; gradually it moved to the neighbourhood up the hill and eventually, having made a circle, came back to the fortified entrance of Ofer from the other side of the hill. Local youth stayed on for more than six hours, throwing stones at the heavily armed Israeli soldiers and special police units who were shooting rounds of live ammunition at them.

Protest for Gaza in Ofer, Ramallah: