10 Years On, the Apartheid Wall is Still Here. And It Is Still Illegal

10 Years On, the Apartheid Wall is Still Here. And It Is Still Illegal

“Stupidness is not an excuse” [sic] was once written on the Apartheid Wall that Israel is building in Palestine, in violation of international law. Nor are Zionist lies about ‘security’ and ‘self-defence’.

Exactly 10 years ago today, on 9 July 2004, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) – the principal judicial body of the UN – issued its advisory opinion which made it clear that “the construction of the Wall and its associated regime are contrary to international law and that the Israeli settlements established on the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, are in breach of international law.” [emphasis ours]

Yet today, in Palestine, it’s as if those words were never said.

The Apartheid Wall is here, having been making life miserable to thousands of people this past decade, insulting humanity at its core, as all such Walls do.

Israel’s Apartheid Wall is a military operation with lethal consequences: it’s comprised of concrete blocks, razor wire, ditches, fences, electronic monitoring system, army-only roads, and a buffer zone. All this to keep the oppressed people oppressed; an evil power show of humiliation. A “go to hell!” shout to human rights and human dignity.

As explained by the Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights, “The ICJ’s ruling calls for Israel ‘to dismantle forthwith the structure’ of the Wall.”

But are we really surprised that the Zionist regime has not complied, even though it had 10 years to do so?

What are some ICJ-signed papers when the Apartheid entity can bomb Gaza’s children, pregnant women, ice-cream vendors, grandfathers, doctors, teachers, fishers, and anyone that moves, day after night and night after day, killing more than 50 people in less than 48 hours in front of the world’s TV cameras that continue parroting Zionist propaganda instead of daring to report the truth? What are the ‘advisory opinions’ in the context in which Israel, a colonial entity, has been enforcing a brutal military occupation on Palestine for decades, while its associates on the global scene nod in agreement or bury themselves in shameful silence?

Israel’s Wall will fall. And not just the one below.

Today, on the 10th anniversary of the ICJ ruling, Palestinian activists took to the Apartheid Wall in Qalqiliya. Here’s what happened:

Apartheid Wall in Qalqiliya, on fire on 9 July 2014.

Apartheid Wall in Qalqiliya, on fire on 9 July 2014.

Images: Photos by IWPS, infographic by Visualizing Palestine.