Hares Boys, Growing Up In Occupation Prison

Hares Boys, Growing Up In Occupation Prison

1 June was International Children’s Day.

It was also the 444th day the five Hares Boys – all under 18 – have spent in prison.

Kidnapped from their homes in the village of Hares in March 2013 by the occupation army, they are hostages in the Israeli military court system that convicts Palestinians at a 99.7% rate.

Charged with 20 counts of attempted murder for alleged stone-throwing at colonist cars, the boys are facing long years in prison. There is no evidence against them, nor any witnesses to their alleged guilt; the boys deny throwing stones that day or any other. The only thing the military court has to justify their prolonged incarceration is the boys’ ‘confessions’ – signed in Hebrew, a language they do not speak or write, and after extended periods of torture, including weeks in solitary confinement.

The boys were 16 years old when the Israeli occupation threw them into solitary confinement.

At any given time, around 200 Palestinian children are forced to waste their lives in Israeli dungeons, torn away from their families, friends, school, and education.

This is how the Hares Boys – Mohammed Suleiman, Mohammed Kleib, Ali Shamlawi, Tamer Souf, and Ammar Souf – look now, after almost 15 months in prison for a crime that never happened. Some of them will be celebrating their second young birthday in Israeli occupation prisons.

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Ali Shamlawi

Ali Shamlawi

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