Tear gas and impromptu demonstrations in Al-Khalil

Tear gas and impromptu demonstrations in Al-Khalil

IWPS volunteers have recently visited the Khalil (Hebron) ISM team to learn about the current situation of the occupation there and to participate in their daily activities, including general patrols, twice daily school patrols, and settler tour accompaniment. The link to ISM’s video of the Israeli Army attack on school children and their teachers is posted below.

IWPS volunteers also participated as the only women in an unanticipated action at al Fawwar Refugee camp in support of Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike. International Middle East Media Center (IMEMC) reported that dozens of nonviolent Palestinian protesters were injured by Israeli soldiers, including: one shot by live ammunition, one shot in the leg by a tear gas canister, several who were beaten, and dozens who suffered from tear gas inhalation requiring treatment.

When the spirited demonstrators reached the entry gate after marching up the road linking the refugee camp to Highway 60, soldiers closed the gate and unleashed a barrage of tear gas bombs, stun grenades, and some ammunition. Organizers encouraged more protests to show ongoing support for prisoners “legitimate struggle for human rights and freedom”.

Click the link below to view photos and read the ISM report.


Photo by ISM