Nabi Saleh Moral Victory over Israeli Army

Nabi Saleh Moral Victory over Israeli Army

Today, leaders of the village of Nabi Saleh, including women and children, were joined by IWPS and other supporters in the weekly demonstration. We were all protesting against  the nearby Halamish illegal settlers’ theft of the fresh water spring, Ein al-Qaws and agricultural land. The march of today was specifically dedicated to the Palestinian ‘administrative detainees’ (people imprisoned for indefinite periods of time without charge and under ‘secret evidence’ that their lawyers are not allowed to see) who are currently in their third week of open-end hunger strike in Israeli prisons.

The group of about 100 unarmed Nabi Saleh demonstrators, including children carrying Palestinian flags, marched from the mosque to the gas station and down the hill toward the gate of the village. The Israeli army took battle positions behind their jeeps and armored vehicles against the peaceful unarmed chanting group and a nearby donkey and its colts.


As the leaders got closer, soldiers fired tear gas, rubber bullets, and stun bombs. The tear gas and rubber-coated steel bullets were fired directly at the peaceful group, while young men piled rocks across the road to slow military vehicles. At least 4 persons were injured in the assault, including the medic who was shot in the knee from behind while tending to another injured person.

One boy against the army

Additional armed soldiers had stationed themselves in the field across the street from the spring. When the demonstrators started back up the hill, soldiers near the spring fired more tear gas and rubber-coated bullets and the demonstrators headed in the direction of the spring. While some of the group stopped at the gas station, soldiers drove up the hill in their military assault vehicles and fired a stun bomb at the gas station, endangering all who were there.

Clearly the village of Nabi Saleh once again won a moral victory over the shameful Israel army in proudly refusing to accept the theft of their precious land and water by the illegal settlers, who are supported by Israel’s shoddy military who continue to target unarmed civilians, including Nabi Saleh’s heroic women and children.


The beautiful surrounding of Nabi Saleh

Here is video of Samantha Comizzoli: