Army Destroys Civilian Car During Night Raid in Salfit City

Army Destroys Civilian Car During Night Raid in Salfit City

During an Israeli army raid on the city of Salfit last night (Saturday 3 May), an armoured military vehicle intentionally destroyed a civilian car. The area had been quiet and calm until the Israeli army attacked the house with tear gas and pushed the parked car onto the sidewalk, smashing its driver-seat side. The Israeli military vehicle then continued up the street and eventually left. The street is wide enough even for large vehicles to pass and at the time of the attack there had been no cars or other obstructions on the road.

The damaged Opel belongs to Salfit resident Nail al-Natour who uses it to go to work and for other family needs. Al-Natour will assess the cost of repair with a mechanic as soon as possible but the chances of him receiving compensation for this act of aggression from the Israeli military are little to none.

In these past few weeks the occupation army has attacked Salfit several times. In the morning of 6 April, soldiers shot extensive amounts of tear gas into two local schools; at least 10 girls required medical attention, many others were in shock and could not attend school for a few days due to the traumatic experience.

The events of last night followed the familiar pattern of Israeli army attacks on a peaceful civilian population in both urban and rural areas of occupied Palestine: at around 10pm several military jeeps entered Salfit, terrorising residents and shooting tear gas and sound grenades in the streets and into civilian houses. Five people collapsed due to tear gas inhalation; children started vomiting as the gas reached their homes.

The city of Salfit is in Area A according to the Oslo Agreement, which means that full civil and security control falls under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority. However, Area A can quickly become Area C (full Israeli civil and security control) the moment the occupation regime decides to launch a violent attack on the Palestinian population.

Thus, every time the Israeli army decide to invade Area A to terrorise Palestinians under a ‘security’ excuse, they coordinate the attack through the Israeli DCO – District Coordination Office – which then instructs Palestinian security facilities to stay away, not to interfere, and leave their fellow Palestinian civilians to fend for themselves against the occupation army.

Nail; al-Natour next to his car damaged by the occupation army.

Nail al-Natour next to his car damaged by the occupation army.