Wedding Day Turns to a Demo in Kufr Qaddum

Wedding Day Turns to a Demo in Kufr Qaddum

As they have for the last 2.5 years, the village of Kufr Qaddum got together  today to demonstrate against the illegal Israeli settler colony of Qedumim blocking the villagers’ way to Nablus, the nearby urban centre. This time there had also been a wedding, so the groom was riding a horse along the main rode as a celebration. The men filled the village with songs and dances while they paraded along the road to protest against the settlement. Women were cheering from the windows of their houses.

On the closed road at the edge of Kufr Qaddum, where Area B meets Area C (according to the Oslo Agreement), the wedding celebration crew faced Israeli army jeeps, sound-bombs, a skunk-truck (that was not used in the end) and teargas. The Israeli army arrested two young men, one 21 and the other one 22 years old. The father of the older one later told IWPS team that this was not the first time his son got arrested.

“Here in Palestine we are prisoners before they put us into prison,” he said. “And we are strong because we are forced to be strong”.

The wedding procession on the groom’s side starts after the Friday prayer.

Dancing and singing, singing and clapping.

The decorated horse is brought in for the wedding ceremony. The man on the horse is not the one getting married.

Getting ready.

The Israeli army approach the village and, after arresting two young men, starts shooting tear gas all around and threatens the village with a skunk truck. Kufr Qaddumers light up a fire to prevent the occupation army from entering the village.

Defending one’s land, defending one’s dignity, defending their life. RESISTANCE