Hares Boys Campaign

Hares Boys Campaign

Five Palestinian youngsters from the village of Hares – Mohammad Suleiman, Ammar Souf, Mohammed Kleib, Tamer Souf, and Ali Shamlawi – are being held in Israeli prison charged with 20 counts of attempted murder each for alleged stone-throwing, with no evidence whatsoever. They were kidnapped from their homes in March 2013 by heavily armed Israeli soldiers, tortured in detention, and thrown into solitary confinement for days o end. All because a settler colonist crashed her car close to Hares and blamed stone-throwing for it.

Nobody had actually seen the five Hares Boys – or any other children – throwing stones. The only “evidence” against them is their own confessions, which they signed after being physically and psychologically tortured; they signed in Hebrew, a language they don’t write, read, or speak.

The boys have been labelled as “terrorists” before any objective investigation even took place. They’ve been condemned in the Israeli media as guilty the moment after the car accident took place. They’ve been denied any sort of justice in the Israeli military court system that convicts Palestinian children at a 99.7% rate, not unlike that of the world’s worst totalitarian regimes of the 20th century.

You, a conscientious human being, have the right to know about the crimes committed by the brutal, racist regime that is the Israeli military court system.

The Hares Boys have the right to live their young lives without that regime cutting them short in a mock judicial process.

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