Azmut holds its first demo against land theft

Azmut holds its first demo against land theft

On Friday 10 May 2013 the residents of Azmut village organized a demonstration to protest the recent confiscation of village lands by the illegal Israeli settlement, Elon Moreh. At 10:00, approximately 60 residents of Azmut, joined by international solidarity activists, boarded a bus to drive to the nearby lands.

Residents report that between 200 and 500 dunams were confiscated at the end of April by some 200 settlers, who have begun cultivating the land.

Protesters walked for nearly one hour through the nearby fields, eventually reaching the area where midday Friday prayers were held. Following the prayer, some protesters moved stones onto the newly constructed road leading from the Elon Moreh to the agricultural land in order to obstruct the settlers’ passage to the land.

Protesters stated that the demonstrations will continue until the land is returned to its rightful owners and the settlers discontinue planting and working on the land.

Azmut is located east of Nablus city in the northern West Bank. The village has suffered land confiscation and violent settler attacks since the establishment of the illegal Israeli settlement, Elon Moreh in 1980. The harassment, intimidation and violence from the settlement are particularly severe during the annual olive harvest.

In 2008, residents of Azmut were repeatedly attacked by Elon Moreh settlers, who destroyed a Palestinian family’s car as they attempted to harvest their crops. In 2010, armed settlers fired live ammunition at residents of Azmut during the harvest.

Source: IWPS HRR No. 473