Protest against the closure of Al Aqsa & murder of a Siwan Palestinian

Today the level of tension in the West Bank is sky high. Yesterday one of the holiest Muslim places, Al Aqsa Mosque was closed for the Muslims, for the first time since the West Bank was occupied in 1967, after…

Recycling Project in Deir Istiya

There is a massive problem with disposing of waste and the West Bank. Joint Council Waste Scheme is established.

The Current Situation in Salfeet and the Salfeet Goveronate

Incidents and Projects in Salfeet

Working in the Settlements – A Young Palestinian’s Account

Companies establishing factories in the occupied territories

A Village Closed by Israeli Army

Israeli Army Incursions and Road Closure in Deir Istiya

Report of the events of 19th October – Army invasion of Salfeet.

Kufr Qaddoum demo 17 October ’14

Palestinians continue to resist and go on protesting against the occupation. The Israeli Army is putting the Palestinians under massive repression and violates International Humanitarian Law.

Israeli Army and Revava settlement security prevent an elderly Haris farmer from picking his olives

‘I have been picking my olives in this place for 15 years and I never had any problems’, said Abu Said, early in the morning on Wednesday October 15, as three of us were setting off with him to start…

Fanatical Settlers From the Illegal Tapauch Settlement Injure Yasouf Couple

For a 30 years old Ala Fathi Naim Atyani and her husband, Saturday the 11th of October, was just another busy day at the start of the olive picking season. They drove in the car to their land on the…

Nabi Saleh demo 10 October ’14 Forty people gathered for the weekly march against the occupation. The march was lead by the children and was joined by 15 Israeli activists and other internationals. The villagers attempted to go to their…

Olive Harvest 2014 – Kafr Qalil

7th October 2014 Settlers attacked Palestinian Farmer family while picking. Around seven Settlers from the outpost of the Brakha settlement attacked a farmer family by throwing stones at them.The field of olive trees is approximately 500 metres far from the…