17 Trees for 17 Prisoners: Burin Honors their Detainees

On Palestinian Prisoners Day in the small, yet beautiful village of Burin, population 3200, a 74 year old shepherd was tending to his flock when, according to Israeli occupation forces, he committed an arrestable crime. Having “stepped over the line”…

Remembering Deir Yassin 67 Years Later

“…his eyes have a strange, cruel, cold look. I explain my mission to him which has nothing in common with that of a judge or arbiter. I want to help the wounded and bring back the dead.”

"It is as if you have been buried under the earth."  Palestinians in Israeli Prisons

“If I had anything lying around to kill myself with, I would have done it.”

Peaceful Land Day March in Huwara Explodes in Violence as Unprovoked Occupation Forces Attack

In Huwara, nearly 200 gathered to plant olive tree saplings, hear speakers and to hold a peaceful Land Day march when suddenly, unprovoked Occupation Forces and Israeli Border Police began to rapid fire 45 stun grenades and numerous tear gas bombs indiscriminately into the gathered crowd which included children and the elderly.

Deir Istiya 2015; A year marked by house raids, kidnappings and military harassment of Palestinians

“They dragged him into the bitter cold with no jacket, no socks and no shoes. I rushed outside and forced a jacket over him and socks and shoes on his feet. That is when I first noticed that my nephew had also been arrested.”

Last evening's panel in Nablus in advance of child prisoner conference in Cesena, Italy.

The conference, ‘Evening for Palestine: Palestinian political prisoners and children incarcerated in Israeli jails,’ will take place today, March 17th, in Italy and panel speakers from the Tanweer Center will join in via skype.

Um Fadi, mother of Ali Shamlawi, makes an emotional plea for her son.

“Two years of my son’s life went by and instead of him dreaming like any other child, instead of dreaming of a future, he is dreaming of getting out of prison.”